Amana FK10A Filter Kit - 10 Pack - A Series


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Amana FK10A Filter Kit - 10 Pack - A Series

This 10 pack of replacement filters for Amana PTAC units will greatly reduce the intake of dirt, lint and other unwanted debris from entering the air circulation. Keeping this grim off the inner coils will greatly increase your unit’s efficiency.

Fits "A" Series models Example: PTC(H)123"A"35

To replace, the filter can easily be removed from the front panel. These filters can also be cleaned and reused for up to 4 times.



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Amana’s FK10A Filter Pack contains 10 replacement filters. Each filter, which is made using synthetic material or electro charged polypropylene, must be installed at the air intake point. The filter allows air to pass through without any restrictions. On its way through, it traps dust and undesirable pollutants from getting into the air that is blown into the room.

Air pollutants such as dust, pet fur, human hair, dander, pollen, bacteria, mold, and other microscopic particles, can hinder the comfort of your guests. Clean air will prevent your guests from contracting allergies and other medical conditions related to exterior pollutants. It is wise to invest in a trustworthy filter, such as the Amana FK10 Filter Kit. These filters last for a very long time. Every Amana Filter is manufactured in their Fayetteville plant in Tennessee where thorough tests are conducted to ensure the quality and the performance of each filter.