Help Choosing A PTAC Unit

Get help choosing a PTAC Unit. Find out the recommended BTUs based on square footage.

Square Feet BTU Needed
100 to 1505,000
150 to 250 6,000
250 to 3007,000
300 to 3508,000
350 to 4009,000
400 to 45010,000
450 to 55012,000
550 to 70014,000
700 to 1,00018,000
1,000 to 1,40024,000

How To Use The Chart
Simply measure the width and length of your room in feet then multiply the two together. For example: The length of the room is 25 feet long and the width is 20 feet wide. Square Footage= 25ft. X 20 ft.= 500 square feet. Then simply match it to the chart on the left to find the type of unit that is right for you. If you have an irregular shaped room simply measure the widths and lengths of all the irregular areas and multiply them. Then take the square footage of each of these areas and add them together. This calculator is based on a standard 8 foot ceiling height. Rooms with higher ceilings will require more BTU. Additional considerations such as number of windows and size, insulation and sun exposure need to be factored in as well. This table is a guide only. Please feel free to call us if you have any questions. If you need help deciding please call (855) 532-4020 TOLL FREE

Power Cord Plugs

1. What is a PTAC?

A PTAC is a packaged terminal air conditioner that cools and heats. A PTAC provides warm air through an electric resistance heater (heat strip). A PTHP is a packaged terminal heat pump. A PTHP uses its compressor year round to heat or cool. In warm weather, it efficiently captures heat from inside your home and pumps it outside for cooling. In cool weather, it captures heat from outdoor air and pumps it into your home, adding heat from electric heat strips as necessary to efficiently provide heat. When the temperature is 38 degrees Fahrenheit or lower the unit switches to heat strip to provide heat.


2. Which unit saves me more money on my electric bill?
Heat pump models offer substantial savings over models with conventional electric resistance heaters.


3. Can I replace my existing unit with a different brand?
Yes, You have two options. You can just replace the units. Most brands are the same standard size (42″ wide, 16″ high, and 13 3/4″ deep). Most PTACs will fit into most major competitors wall sleeves/grilles. Your other option is to replace the wall sleeves/grilles with your new brand’s accessories.


4. What is the correct plug type for my unit? See the image to the left for types of plugs and receptacles.