Amana CFK10B Charcoal Filter Kit - 10 Pack

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Amana CFK10B Charcoal Filter Kit - 10 Pack

This 10 pack of replacement filters for Amana PTAC units will greatly reduce the intake of dirt, lint and other unwanted debris from entering the air circulation. Keeping this grim off the inner coils will greatly increase your unit's efficiency.

Absorbs airborne odors caused by cigarette, pipe or cigar smoke and odors caused by mold, mildew, etc. Filters are made of polyester fibers coated with activated charcoal and are individually wrapped. These filters are permanent and can be washed or cleaned. Call your Amana brand PTAC sales person for details. 10 filters per pack.

Fits “B” Series models Example: PTC(H)123 “B”35. Will also fit “C” & “D” Series PTAC Units

To replace, the filter can easily be removed from the front panel.

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