Amana RSKP0010 (Replaced by RSKP0013)

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Amana RSKP0010 Control Board Control Board only for Digital Touch pad equipped units.

This part has been replaced by the Amana RSKP0013 Control Board. You can find that part by clicking here.    

Can also use Amana Control Board RSKP0012

Product `Amana RSKP0010 (Replaced by RSKP0013)` is no longer in production. We suggest buying: `Amana RSKP0013 Control Board` .

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The AMANA RSKP0010 Control Board is an integrated circuit made up of many interconnected transistors. It is designed only for Amana’s DigiSmart Touchpad units.

  • It is designed for energy efficiency and optimum performance using the latest computer-aided design programs.
  • Amana Control boards are rigorously field-tested. You can be assured that your product will last for a very long time.
  • All Amana Control Boards come equipped with a 100% satisfaction-guaranteed warranty, leaving you worry-free.
  • Please note that this board will not work for non-digital touchpad units.
  • The transistors are wired using the latest technology. This ensures that every process in the PTAC operates at an optimum level.