Amana RSKP0010 Control Board


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Amana RSKP0010 Control Board

Control Board only for Digital Touch pad equipped units.

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The AMANA RSKP0010 Control Board is an integrated circuit made up of many interconnected transistors. It is designed only for Amana’s DigiSmart Touchpad units.

  • It is designed for energy efficiency and optimum performance using the latest computer-aided design programs.
  • Amana Control boards are rigorously field-tested. You can be assured that your product will last for a very long time.
  • All Amana Control Boards come equipped with a 100% satisfaction-guaranteed warranty, leaving you worry-free.
  • Please note that this board will not work for non-digital touchpad units.
  • The transistors are wired using the latest technology. This ensures that every process in the PTAC operates at an optimum level.