Amana 22312904 Heater Assembly


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22312904 Heater Assembly

30 AMP/230V/5KW heater assembly.

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22312904 Heater Assembly for Amana PTAC Units is a 5KW heavy duty assembly that uses sophisticated technology and conforms to stringent quality standards. The unit uses a very small amount of energy to transfer heat from the ground and the air to the targeted location, maximizing comfort for your guests and saving energy costs. Here is why you should consider buying the 22312904 Heater Assembly:

  • Users can save hundreds of dollars due to the low energy consumption of the Heater Assembly.
  • Users experience maximum comfort in cold winters.
  • The unit works quietly and efficiently, leaving guests undisturbed in the night.
  • It comes equipped with a robust 5-year part warranty, protecting your purchase.