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  • tiny home bedroom with window and bed folded down from the wall with pillows and a throw blanket on it nicely made.

    The Exhaustive Guide to Heating and Cooling Your Tiny Home

    The goal of this guide is to distill a vast amount of information into one convenient location. It is our hope that this guide will make you feel more comfortable in the decision making process, and that the article you read will be from the comfort of your tiny home.

Welcome to PTAC Units Blog

What is a PTAC?
A PTAC is a packaged terminal air conditioner that cools and heats. A PTAC provides warm air through an electric resistance heater (heat strip). A PTHP is a packaged terminal heat pump. A PTHP uses its compressor year round to heat or cool. In warm weather, it efficiently captures heat from inside your home and pumps it outside for cooling. In cool weather, it captures heat from outdoor air and pumps it into your home.

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