Friedrich PTAC Control Board Kit 25080060

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Friedrich PTAC Control Board Kit 25080060

Digital control board for Friedrich PTAC units. Replaces 25080050 and comes with face plate, (3) interchangeable escutcheons and thermistors and fits units 2005-2010. This kit replaces 25080050 Control Board Kit.

This PC Board is no longer available. Friedrich offers no substitute



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Friedrich PTAC Control Board Kit includes an easy to use 7-button face plate, thermistors which are manufactured with superior grade semiconductors, and appropriate escutcheons. The thermistors help the PTAC unit measure and respond to the temperature changes.

  • Owners of older Friedrich PTAC units can buy this kit and upgrade their “knob” system to the latest LED-based controls.
  • Friedrich tests all its PTAC parts in the lab, in real life situations, and in extreme conditions. You can be assured that this control board kit will work efficiently and last a long time.
  • The Friedrich PTAC Control Board Kit is equipped with latest energy management software that will help reduce energy consumption.
  • The circuit board contained in the kit is capable of many sophisticated processes and even self-diagnosis.
  • All Friedrich PTAC units and parts are backed by a robust warranty.