Amana PBH092G12CB 26 INCH PTAC Heat Pump 9,000 BTU

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The Amana PBH092G12CB 26" PTAC Heat Pump 9,000 BTU 20A 115V unit is a through the wall (TTW) air conditioner and features:

  • Electronic touchpad with remote control
  • High energy efficiency with models up to 9.8 EER saving you money when compared to lower EER models
  • Easily removable condensor top that allows for quick and complete cleaning of outdoor coils.  This access for cleaning the outdoor coil enables easy removal of dirt and debris to help lengthen the life of the compressor and other sealed system components.  Remove six easy access screws and let the cleaning begin!
  • Easy access slide out filter has a permanent polypropylene filter mesh that is easy to remove and clean
  • Accessory wall sleeve: (SOLD SEPARATELY) PBWS01A is a solid sided, heavily insulated metal sleeve.  It includes a stamped aluminum exterior grille with a weather seal rear enclosure for installation without the chassis.  The sleeve has a solid bottom for complete weather-tight installation.  An optional PBWMFC can be used when a more permanent weather seal is needed for sleeves installed without the chassis.
  • 100% Full factory run test on all units for high reliability and dependability.  Units start the first time-every time!
  • Quiet operation designed with guest comfort in mind, providing reliable, quiet operation for years to come



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Amana is trusted brand. Its air conditioners are known to work efficiently and have a lengthy life-span. Each Amana air conditioner is packed with the environment-friendly refrigerant r410a, which does not contain the destructive chlorine or bromine. These window mounts also come equipped with a generous 5-year warranty. Here are the key advantages of the Amana PBH092G12CB 26 inch PTAC Heat Pump 9,000 BTU unit:

  • This model is equipped with EERs of up to 9.8, which help cut down on electricity consumption.
  • The A/C’s permanent polypropylene filter mesh can be easily removed and cleaned.
  • The condenser top can also be removed easily. This allows for a complete cleaning of the outdoor coils.
  • Amana’s window mounts are known for their quiet operation.
  • Every window mount air conditioner is 100% run-tested for efficiency, reliability, and leaks. The user can be assured that he is buying an error-free product.
  • The unit is simple to use and easy to maintain.