0130P00086 Thermistor Red


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0130P00086 Thermistor

Red indoor coil pipe thermistor

Made by Amana, this red, indoor coil pipe thermistor is made for PTC/PTH Digismart units.

Made with semi-conductor materials, thermistors use temperature-sensitive resistance and measure surrounding heat through electrical impulses.

Thermistors also help protect electronic circuits from power surges. Power Surges often happen when a device experiences too much power after being off for a period of time.  Thermistors reduce and control the amount of power that is being fed into the device. This allows for a gradual increase of electrical input instead of all at once.



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Product `0130P00086 Thermistor Red` is no longer in production. We suggest buying: `0130P00144 Thermistor` .

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  • Dimensions 8 x 5 x 0.5 in