20517901 Heater Assembly

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Item has been replaced by the Amana 22312902 Heater Kit.You can find that part by clicking here.

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Amana heater assemblies are manufactured using superior components. Amana PTACs are known for efficiency, lower energy consumption, and long-lasting life-spans. Their products are put through extensive testing before they reach the hands of their users. Here are a few key advantages that will benefit you:

  • Amana heater assemblies are geared to provide adequate heat for their intended room capacity.
  • Bulk manufacturing of these PTAC parts keeps the prices at an affordable level. Users also experience lower energy consumption, saving money on their utility bills.
  • All Amana PTAC parts are backed by a trusted warranty, protecting your purchase.
  • All Amana units and parts are affordably¬†priced and backed by a nationwide network of technicians.