20460613 Heater Assembly

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20460613 Heater Assembly

Use 22312903 Heater Assembly

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This Heater assembly for Amana PTAC units runs at 20 AMP, 230V and 3.5KW.

The 20460613 Heater Assembly for Amana PTAC Units are great devices which would serve any business well. They are manufactured at facilities which conform to high quality standards, which mean that these are high quality products. This allows the heater in the PTAC to use a very small amount of energy to move heat from the air or ground to heat the targeted area.

Here are a few key reasons why this heater assembly is a great choice for you:

  • It efficiently heats the room on cold days, providing optimum comfort.
  • Amana PTACs and its components come equipped with a limited 5-year warranty.



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