20295706 Thermistor

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20295706 Thermistor

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Black indoor ambient thermister

Made by Amana, this ambient black indoor thermistor is used in Digismart units / Amana Digismart Series.



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The Amana 20295706 Thermistor is a small part that plays a critical role in Amana’s DigiSmart PTAC units. $7.00. It is constructed of top quality semiconductor material and possesses resistivity that is sensitive to temperature. It helps the PTAC unit measure and respond to the temperature changes.

  • The Amana 20295706 Thermistor is durable, reliable and inexpensive. It responds to temperature changes quickly and effectively, creating comfort for your guests.
  • Amana tests all of its PTAC parts in extreme conditions. This is why Amana’s units and parts last for a very long time. This thermistor is no exception and will be a long-lived product.
  • The thermistor helps the unit sense the indoor temperature and optimize both heating and cooling.
  • All Amana PTAC units and parts are covered by a robust 100%-satisfaction warranty.